Saturday, September 21, 2013

Your Tax Receipt

I find it fascinating how people will argue their ideologies about federal budgeting without actually considering the details of how exactly their tax money is actually spent.  Republicans will say "spend less", without considering where their spending is going, and how that may personally impact them.  Democrats will say "spend more", as if our bank accounts are a bottomless pit to be drawn from.  What are your personal priorities within the federal government?

How much do you think is your personal fair share for:

  • social security
  • medicare
  • national defense
  • health care
  • job and family security
  • education and job training
  • veterans benefits
  • natural resources, energy, and the environment
  • international affairs
  • science, space, and technology programs
  • immigration, law enforcement, and the administration of justice
  • agriculture
  • community, area, and regional development
  • All additional Government programs
  • Net interest on the debt

I'd encourage you to think of a number you feel is appropriate for each of these areas.  Then I'd like you to head over to the government's Taxpayer Receipt website, and enter your tax information in.  Where were you over-predicting your contributions?  Where were you under-predicting your contributions?  A reasonable starting point for exploring your personal convictions is examining your personal contributions to the government outside of what your party tells you you should think.  It can be a first step towards freeing yourself from the prison of partisan politics.