Saturday, February 23, 2013

real spending on the rise

Over the past four years, real spending by the government (after inflation) has increased by $822.90 per household, according to this report.  That is a 7% increase in the size of government, excluding population growth and inflation.  The government would have to cut $362,069,530,000 from the budget just to reach the spending levels of the Bush administration.  That is 362 billion, borrowed from your pockets, not the pockets of the rich.  The sequester cuts that congress is raising a big stink about add up to 1.1 trillion over the next ten years.  So even after those cuts, the size of government has grown.

Do you feel the benefit of that 822 dollars you gave the government has made a positive impact in your life?

How about the $31,024.03 total the government spent on your family's behalf last year?  Are you getting your bang for your buck?

How about the $52,841.19 you still owe?  That is the share that each member of your family will have to pay back.

At the very least, shouldn't we be cutting the tremendous waste in the federal government, something almost all Americans can agree on?  If we aren't ready to stop the deficit train barreling towards the real fiscal cliff of default, maybe we can convince our politicians to slow it down.

I would pledge a dollar in new revenue for every dollar cut BELOW the real spending level in 2008.  I think its time to get serious about this fiscal crisis.

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